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    Bad Credit Loans

    Loans For Bad Credit in Melbourne

    Are you at risk for credit default? You are not alone.
    Bad credit is a looming threat for over 600,000 Australians in 2021

    Bad credit can affect individuals and small businesses trying to navigate the current economic climate and succeed. Despite the efficiency of your service, strong work ethic and the excellency of your product, your credit can be impacted by external factors beyond your control. Whether you are a small-business owner or an individual, bad credit can burden anyone and initiate a never-ending cycle of debt.

    Three Leading Reasons For Bad Credit Or Credit Defaults

    1. Telco Defaults (Unpaid Utilities & Phone Bills)
    2. Home/Personal Loan, Credit Card Defaults or Late-Payments
    3. Previous Bankruptcy

    How Mel Finance Can Help With Bad Credit Loans

    Having an impaired credit score can lead to difficulty when trying to acquire a home loan or investment loan as financial institutions are skeptical about loaning to patrons with risky histories. If you have been trying relentlessly for another chance to fix your financial situation and are feeling discouraged by being turned away from financial institutions due to your financial history, Mel Finance can help you!

    At Mel Finance we understand that your past does not necessarily have to dictate your future and our non-conforming lenders act without prejudice and evaluate the possibility of lending to businesses or individuals with bad credit or credit default issues. We treat every case on its merit, giving every voice a chance to be heard so that the best solution can be found to help you.

    As your local Melbourne mortgage broker, Mel Finance’s committed professionals will guide through the details of the process and also help you gather all the correct and critical information needed to strengthen your application. Applying for a loan, especially a home loan, with bad credit history can be daunting. However, our experiences brokers work by your side to ensure that the process is made simpler and you can escape the past and make your dreams come true.

    Get Access To Bad Credit Loans

    Defaults are often not intentional but a consequence of many external factors that drive our economy. A simple missed payment does not equate your status to a bad borrower.

    We do not about judging based on a singular number. Instead, we realise the circumstantial nature of credit.

    Whether it be dire circumstances such as a medical emergency, a desire to help a loved one in crisis or to regain control of your business and steer it back on track, we believe you have the right to access the finance you need.

    Bad credit does not need to stifle your financial freedom with Mel Finance in your corner. Call us on 1800 941 947.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which loan company is best for bad credit?

    At Mel Finance, we work with a range of different lenders and can recommend you the best mortgage or home loan lenders that allow people who have a less than optimum credit history.
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