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    Commercial & Business Loans Melbourne

    The success of a business depends on foresight and the business’ ability to adapt to the dynamic economy and other factors that influence it. Growth often includes change and a change in business practices requires funding to support the cause. However, the growth of a business can be restricted by high-interest loans.

    How Mel Finance Can Help?

    Mel Finance is well acquainted with the intricacies of the business world as well as its ever-changing market and economy. We understand how these factors can influence every business and it is our chief goal to assist business owners by enabling access to commercial business loans to suit their needs.

    Our experience in the field stems from our dealings with multiple business owners from different industries. From new-age start-ups as sole traders to generational family businesses which can easily involve multiple trust entities, we understand that each business owner has their own specific needs and desires about how they wish to run and expand their business. We have worked with business owners whose passion aligns with ours as we assist them in financing their crucial business needs to grow and sustain their progress.

    While seeking a business loan can seem daunting and risky, calculated risk is necessary to induce growth as well as to stay relevant as consumer tastes are subject to change. Your feelings of doubt and apprehension will be laid to easy by our specialised brokers. We will work by your side to ensure that you have access to all the required information and best placed to choose the right product for your needs while limiting excessive risks.

    How Can A Business Loan Help You?

    • Upgrade business premises or equipment: The loan can aid in upgrading your business premises that might need more space to accommodate machinery/merchandise and/or purchase specialised equipment to improve overall productivity.
    • Invest in skilled and experienced staff: The loan can serve as the required financial boost to hire the professional skills that you need to take your business to the next level.
    • Create cash flow: Cash flow issues such as waiting upon customers to schedule payments can have significant turmoil on your cash flow practice. Access to funds via the loan can enable financial freedom and remove any inhibitions about investing in the time being.

    If you are a business owner struggling to find a business loan with reasonable interest rates or to secure a loan, Mel Finance’s non-bank commercial loans are the solution that can help you. As your Melbourne based mortgage-broker, we are accredited with 30 lenders to bring you a range of options.

    Call us on 1800 941 947 if you are enthusiastic towards advancing your business!

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