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    Property Development Finance Melbourne

    Real-estate development has been recognised as one of the most economically fruitful ventures. Even a small project can lead to considerable financial gain in the long run as your property appreciates with time.

    If you are someone who is looking to begin a small or large property development projects, such as constructing a duplex or townhouse, seeking finance is a crucial step in the process. Property development is an excellent way to maximise investment profits from land development. Mel Finance, your Melbourne based mortgage broker, can assist you in understanding the process for the application and borrow the necessary funds to finance your residential property development. Mel Finance is well versed in these types of loan applications based on prior experience. We take the time to understand your needs, your plans and your vision for the project. Following this, we source the best financial instruments and products available in the market to secure your funding and ensure that you achieve the correct debt structuring. The type of loan you acquire is crucial to maximising the profits in a developmental project.

    Before you begin the process and planning, contact us for a quick consultation to discuss your ultimate vision. This will enable you to proceed smoothly instead of facing issues with financing your project, which may resultantly be delayed or not occur at all.

    As per the regular residential loan regulations, some lenders will allow up to four properties can be titled under one title. If you are looking to develop a larger project then a commercial property development loan is probably more suited to your needs.

    While many firms in the market offer property development finance, lenders may have numerous restrictions based on the size of your project and total lender exposure in the area. Mel Finance is worth your time because we have experience of working with many different kinds of property development projects. We have a range of financial products to support your unique requirements. From mezzanine funding to taking out finance for half-completed projects or joint venture funding, we are invested in helping Australian property developers – big and small – to find the best solution.

    Why Choose Mel Finance

    • Our lending process is transparent, which means we are clear with you from the first day. This also ensures that we can offer you greater flexibility and quicker turnarounds than your traditional lenders.
    • Our experience working in the property development finance lends to our expertise in the field.
    • Mel Finance’s dedicated property development team stays up-to-date with the latest information and developments in the construction and finance market. We understand the challenges that commonly arise and are equipped to help you overcome them.
    • Regardless of the size of your development project, we find the best loan solution for your needs.
    • We will do all the groundwork for you so that you can focus on developing and fine-tuning your dream.

    Mel Finance are experts in securing property development finance and are eager to help!

    Call us today on 1800 941 947 to arrange a free appointment.

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