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    Home Loans For Doctors

    The testing nature of the medical profession is common knowledge and while you may be committed to bettering the lives of their patients, Mel Finance can help you in your time of need when you are looking to invest your money into a first home or an investment property.

    Mel Finance offers specialised guidance in accessing home loans for medical professionals. We understand the high-pressure and time-poor schedule of a medical professional’s life, which is why our mortgage brokers are primed to provide you with the required information. Our ultimate goal is to make the application of a home loan a quick and straightforward yet safe process so you focus on what matters to you most!

    Regardless of whether you are a specialist, medical officer, dentist, general practitioner or a veterinary professional, we understand that your priorities are focused on delivering the best treatment for your patients. All we need is proof of your registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

    With this in mind, Mel Finance handles the details so we can offer a negotiated interest rate discount and waive Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) which saves you thousands of dollars. Our expertise comes from having worked with many such professionals from the past and understand your business and commitments. The information and products we source for you are found based on the fact that you are a low-default risk client, given your professional qualification as a doctor.

    What Are Some Specific Benefits To Employing Mel Finance For Your Loans?

    • Low deposit requirements: For those who are approved, subject to conditions, Mel Finance may be able to get you a loan worth the full price of your purchase, regardless of whether it is your family home, your practice premises or investment property. Additionally, if you are a ‘first homeowner’ you will be able to use your government grant towards your deposit.
    • Minimal paperwork: We are committed to working with efficiency and saving time (as well as money) for our clients. Our professionals are willing to schedule a meeting with you after work-hours, at your workplace or whatever else might be convenient for you.

    Mel Finance is a Melbourne Mortgage broker, contact us today so that we can help attain your property goals and make them a reality.

    Share the details of your property and your loan requirements and we will handle the rest. Our goal is to help you secure the best home at the best interest rate!

    Call us today on 1800 941 947 to arrange an appointment!

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