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    Financial Broker in Melbourne

    Mel Finance is one of Melbourne’s leading finance brokerages. With over a decade of experience, we work as a “go-between” between our clients to secure a loan at the best interest rates possible. We also can help you select a loan and manage the process through to settlement. If you're tired of being turned away from banks, Mel Finance is here to help.

    We offer the following services to our clients:

    • Debt consolidation loans:
      If you’re tired of juggling debts, a debt consolidation loan will help you gain control of your finances again. You can simplify your debt repayments by making one easy automatic payment.
      • Bad credit loans:
        A bad credit loan is designed as a bridge to help you out get out of a financial emergency. A bad credit loan is no different from a conventional personal loan. You are given a loan facility, which you can then pay back in fixed monthly instalments.
        • Business loans:
          A business loan will cover any business-related finance needs. Upgrade your business premises or equipment, create cash flow, and improve your credit record.
          • Self-employed home loans:
            You can now refinance your home, buy an investment property, or kick-start a renovation on your property if you run your own show, are a freelancer or have a non-standard income with our Self-employed home loans
            • Home loans for doctors:
              We specialise in home loans for medical professionals, including negotiated interest rate discounts and waived Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).
              • SMSF loans:
                With an SMSF loan, you can funnel back the returns on your investment into the super fund to boost your retirement savings.
                • Property development finance:
                  We can help you secure funding for your property development and ensure you achieve the correct debt structuring with property development finance.

                If you’re looking for a fully accredited and licensed finance broker in Melbourne, give Mel Finance a call on 1800 941 947.

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