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    SMSF Loans Melbourne

    Managing your super fund includes significant responsibility as well as financial knowledge. Preparing for the retired future is very important to ensure a stress-free present, so you know that you will be taken care of without becoming a burden on your loved ones.

    If you are someone who manages their super fund with the guidance of your trusted legal and accounting professionals, then it can be assumed that you have the financial knowledge to go further. If you are seeking to reap greater benefits on your finances by investing in real-estate, Mel Finance can help!

    An SMSF loan is a type of home loan that is used by a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase an investment property. Mel Finance is experienced in this field and help you successfully access an SMSF loan.

    Before the Royal Commission, SMSF products were widely available. But recent hearing and recommendations have resulted in mainstream lenders pulling these products out of the market and leaving only a handful of lenders in the current market. Mel Finance has a portfolio of 30 plus lenders and will be able to find you a competitive SMSF loan.

    SMSF loans are often much more highly regulated than regular investment loans and an SMSF property can be either residential or commercial depending on your requirements. Mel Finance’s consultants recommend that you obtain independent financial and accounting advice before pursuing this type of loan. This will enable you to acquire a financial planner’s certificate or acknowledgment letter which is required by some lenders to process your application, but not every lender.

    If your SMSF aims to purchase a property but does not have enough funds to go through with the entire purchase, Mel Finance can help you. An SMSF loan usually has a maximum loan to value ratio of 75%. Regardless of whether you are aiming to establish a self-managed super fund or if you have an existing super fund and would like to buy or refinance a property, we can help you.

    In addition to LVR restrictions, some of the lenders maintain liquidity requirements. Please contact Mel Finance as your SMSF mortgage broker Melbourne. Mel Finance will provide you with expert advice on how to obtain an SMSF loan.

    Contact us today on 1800 941 947 to arrange an appointment and explore your SMSF loan options!

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