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Lumbini Wekunagoda - Founder

Dedicated and seasoned financial maestro.

Lumbini Wekunagoda, a dedicated and seasoned financial maestro, is the inspirational figure behind Mel Finance, a premier Melbourne mortgage broker firm

Powered by a relentless passion for transforming the complexity of financial management into a streamlined, comprehensible process, Lumbini finds his fulfilment in aiding clients navigate the sea of their financial world.

A master of finance, Lumbini marries practical insights with a solid knowledge foundation to craft tailored financial solutions that align with individual goals. His specialisation lies in empowering people to surmount their economic aspirations, weaving together over a decade of rich, multifaceted experience in the Mortgage Broker industry.

Enriching his practical expertise, Lumbini is backed by an impressive array of academic credentials, including a diploma in Mortgage Broking, a Certificate IV, a supplementary Diploma in Mortgage Broking and Finance, and an MBA from the prestigious University of Wales. As an  ASIC registered, licensed Mortgage Broker (CRN:444210), Lumbini upholds the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, aligning his practice with the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

In a world where time is often scarce, Lumbini embodies an unrivalled dedication to each client, sparing no effort or time to ensure they feel heard, valued, and understood. With a motto of “No question too minor, no task too grand”, Lumbini nurtures a collaborative environment where clients are educated, empowered, and liberated from financial apprehension.

Above all, Lumbini is not just a broker but an advocate, a staunch ally who guides clients through their financial journey, defusing stress and bringing clarity to their decisions. Clients under his care are left with the confidence that they are well-equipped to make decisions, fully aware and unencumbered by regret.

Beyond the walls of Mel Finance.

 Lumbini revels in his role as a doting father to two enchanting princesses and is a former field hockey enthusiast, devoting over 15 years to the sport. He cherishes moments spent with his brothers and family while enjoying friendly banter with his mates.

Lumbini Wekunagoda – a man whose life is as rich in warmth and camaraderie as it is in financial expertise.



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