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How do I sell my existing home? Here is the selling process

There is more to selling your home than putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign on your front lawn. Here are the first things you should check off your list to help you get the largest return from your investment and to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.


Finding the best local agent

Asking family and friends who have purchased or sold a property about their experience is a great way to ensure the agent you’ve enlisted will provide quality service. A website and promotional material will always highlight the agent in the best possible way, but word of mouth and past client reviews will show their true colours.

Make sure the agent specialises in your area and is someone you feel comfortable around as they don’t just negotiate prices on your behalf, they also act as a mediator and represent you as a vendor.


 Contract of sale

Getting together all the documents required is a tedious yet necessary part of the process. Before a property can be marketed for sale, your agent requires a copy of the Contract from your legal representative, explains the broker. From a disclosure document to a home loan pre-approval, ensure all the paperwork is prepared in time to ensure it all runs smoothly.


 Don’t take things personally

Remember this is a business transaction; don’t feel insulted if you receive feedback on the property that doesn’t match how you feel about your home. To ensure you come out with the best deal, remove all emotion and think of your house as a commodity.


 Marketing and Display

Thinking that your home will sell itself can be a costly mistake. Despite how much you like the way you have it set up, furniture, flooring and painting changes can make a big difference to the property’s wider appeal, and marketing it widely can increase the competition and, therefore, the price.

Engage in a thorough marketing campaign and invest in presenting your property in its best light, trusting your agent’s strategy can help secure the best financial result.


Contact Mel Finance Services

If you are making a decision to sell, speak to us, as we are Melbourne Based Mortgage Broker and to ensure that your plans after selling – whether you are buying a similar property, upgrading or building – are actually feasible. Also ask about how can we arrange you a bridging finance if you are purchasing the new home on same day you sell or buy with in 6months.

We act as your Mortgage Broker Melbourne and we always advise our clients to speak to us first, to make sure your plans for post-settlement are realistic. There is nothing worse than selling your home and then not being able to achieve what you had set out to do. We have helped many clients with arranging conditional approvals in order to make sure that they have sorted their finance prior to sell the existing property. So we make sure we do all the legwork for you to take out stress from you during the process.


Build up a good team around you

We have built a reputed network with other professionals. Such as, Conveyancer, local agents and our trusted colleagues will make sure that we do all the hard work for you. We communicate effectively and efficiently. Hence, Mel Finance services is not your average Mortgage Broker.

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