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Mortgage repayment calculator

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Navigating the complex waters of property financing can be made significantly easier with the right guidance. Refinancing your home loan is a potentially beneficial strategy that can assist in managing existing debts, securing lower interest rates, or tapping into the accumulated equity of your property. However, it’s a journey that demands comprehensive understanding and professional expertise. In these instances, the role of seasoned mortgage brokers Melbourne cannot be overstated. Their wealth of experience in the finance industry equips them to offer you the most suitable home loan options that cater to your unique financial circumstances and objectives.

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Even before you get in touch with us, we recommend that you take advantage of our handy calculator positioned just below this text. This tool can help you get a rough estimate of your potential savings when refinancing. It’s a quick, convenient way to gain an initial understanding of your financial prospects. After using this tool, you’ll be better equipped with preliminary insights to discuss your refinance home loan options with our expert team. They will then walk you through the details and nuances, ensuring you receive the best refinancing deal possible.


  • This is not a prediction. Actual amounts and repayment terms are only estimates. They may be higher or lower.
  • The results are based only on the information you provide and do not consider your personal circumstances.
  • This applies to loans that have interest repayments.  
  • This information is not meant to be the only source of financial information. A licensed financial professional like Mel Finance may be able to offer advice.
  • This calculator doesn’t guarantee that you will be approved for a loan. Your lender will require you to meet their lending criteria.
  • The Reserve Bank of Australia publishes the average interest rate using Economic and Financial Statistics data. Find More Here


  • The interest rates are the same throughout the loan’s life.
  • Interest is calculated using compounding at the same rate as the selected repayment, i.e. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • It doesn’t include up-front fees like loan establishment fees.
  • It doesn’t take into account your ability to repay the shown amounts. We recommend looking at the impact of an increase of 2% in interest rates to help you understand the implications. In the future, interest rates may rise by more than 2 percent.
  • Affordable repayments can’t be lower than the fees added into the calculator.



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