Mortgage Repayment Calculator


  • This is not a prediction. Actual amounts and repayment terms are only estimates. They may be higher or lower.
  • The results are based only on the information you provide and do not consider your personal circumstances.
  • This applies to loans that have interest repayments.  
  • This information is not meant to be the only source of financial information. A licensed financial professional like Mel Finance may be able to offer advice.
  • This calculator doesn’t guarantee that you will be approved for a loan. Your lender will require you to meet their lending criteria.
  • The Reserve Bank of Australia publishes the average interest rate using Economic and Financial Statistics data.



  • The interest rates are the same throughout the loan’s life.  
  • Interest is calculated using compounding at the same rate as the selected repayment, i.e. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, quarterly, or annually.  
  • It doesn’t include up-front fees like loan establishment fees.
  • It doesn’t take into account your ability to repay the shown amounts. We recommend looking at the impact of an increase of 2% in interest rates to help you understand the implications. In the future, interest rates may rise by more than 2 percent.  
  • Affordable repayments can’t be lower than the fees added into the calculator.  
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